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Our New Circ Desk!

Here’s a sneak peek at the new front desk you’ll be able to see when we open for browsing this Monday, September 28th at 10am!!

Lloyd, of Oblong Woodworks, put the finishing touches on this morning. Today we’re getting ourselves situated and familiar with our new work area, but by Monday we’ll be ready to open our doors and welcome back our patrons with our smiling eyes!

*Please continue to put all returned items into our book drop. We’ve got a special bin in there that goes right into quarantine.
Our staff is not allowed to take returns directly from patrons.
~ Thank you!

UPDATED – Essential Computer Use for Patrons

Two of our public computers are available for patron use at the following times;
Mon -Fri   10:30am to 7:30pm 
Sat    10:30am to 3:30pm   

Computer use will be first come, first serve with no reservations.
Sessions will be 1/2 hour with a possibility of 1 hour total computer time for the day. If there are patrons waiting, time will be limited to a single one 1/2 hour session. Patrons that would like to use a computer can either call us from the parking lot or knock on the front door, and we will let you know if a computer is available. Patrons coming in to the building to use a computer are limited to just using the computer they have been assigned.

In order to enter the library you must :
1. Wear a facial covering that covers from above your nose to below your chin & it must remain on at all times while you are in our building.
2. Sanitize your hands at the hand sanitizing station in our lobby.
3. Sign our visitor’s log.

There will be no browsing of the library collection at this time. We are waiting on a new front desk with Plexiglass and until it’s installed, we cannot allow patrons to wander in the building.