Our Library’s Bookmobile!

The bookmobile is here! Beautifully adorned with our library’s raccoon mascot Reader, Reader’s Rambler will help us serve more patrons, and bring library services to areas of our community that might otherwise not have access to the library, either because it’s too far, or due to lack of transportation.

Lisa has been in touch with different neighborhoods and together they’ll be figuring out different scheduling options. We’re aiming to offer full services in July. There is a tab at the bottom of our webpage that will show the bookmobile’s schedule once one is set.Thank you to all of the patrons & local businesses that sent donations in for this project! Every penny counted! We appreciate you all!

Thank you to our library board member Steve T. You went above and beyond with the final details of getting Reader’s Rambler ready to be legally on the road!

Thank you to the Town of Dover Highway department for giving us a safe & secure space to keep the bookmobile when it’s not in use!

A huge thank you to Farber Specialty Vehicles! This bookmobile exceeded all of our expectations! Lisa feels like she’s living the dream! This project was completely funded by the following Dutchess County grants; The Learn, Play, Create: Supporting Our Kids Grant of $50,000.& $135,000 through the 2022 Agency Partner Grant (APG) Infrastructure Program. Thank you so much.

A very special thanks to our previous Library Director, Donna Perolli. While Donna was here at the Dover Plains Library, she applied for the above grants, and did all of the research into what we needed to make this dream come true. Without Donna, none of this would have happened. We miss her every day, but today we miss her even more. She gets another hug when we see her ❤️

Thank you all,

Lisa King : Interim Director & NOW Bookmobile Captain!
Heidi Corley Barto : Assistant to the Director & Reader’s Creator

Do you have fond memories of the bookmobile visiting your neighborhood when you were a kid?  Bookmobiles have long been a welcome sight to readers in towns all over the world.  This was especially true if the local library was far from your home. 

The Dover Plains Library has always wanted to expand its reach to areas of our community that might otherwise not have access to the Library, either because it is too far, or due to lack of local transportation. 

In 2021, we were awarded a Learn, Play, Create: Supporting Our Kids’ Grant of $50,000, and subsequently, awarded $135,000 through the 2022 Agency Partner Grant (APG) Infrastructure Program – both through Dutchess County.  These funds have allowed us to make plans to take the Library out into the community.

After waiting months for a Ford Sprinter to become available, our bookmobile is currently being built by Farber Specialty Vehicles in Reynoldsburg, Ohio. If all goes according to schedule, we expect to start service in Spring 2023. Stay tuned for updates…